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Lupo Home builds furniture models for its collections based on your preferences and needs.

People's perspectives on life and their preferences change as eras and technologies change. It becomes much more challenging to go with the flow and incorporate it into daily life. Retrogression and retro were immediately returned into our lives during this time when practically everything, especially furniture models, was devoured quickly.

Comfort and nostalgic touches will be preferred in the 2023 furniture season, especially in the decorations done in spaces like the living room and living room, as well as in the chosen furniture models. When developing our collections, Lupo Home builds furniture prototypes in accordance with customer demands and offers you decorating ideas.

The Most Important Furniture Model of Living Rooms; TV unit

One of the most significant furniture groupings in home decoration, right behind sofa set models, is the television and television stand. We may say that the resurgence of retro TV units, which are crucial for things like living room and living room decoration, enters our lives with a little more modern infrastructure.

Models of fireplace TV unit

Although it has been around since the beginning of time, we have not lately used the fireplace. The fireplace, however, began to supplant the television in our homes as nostalgia and the vintage aesthetic returned. However, using a fireplace in modern homes that are not fully equipped for one has become simple thanks to fireplace TV units.

You may now use fireplaces that are electrically integrated into TV units in the centre of your living rooms considerably more effectively. Lupo Home has created and produced all of the fireplace-like TV units and electric fireplaces you could possibly desire.

In addition to its architectural design, Lupo Home helps you in Masko Furniture City (Masko Mobilya Kenti) with decorating suggestions and projects. For elegance and comfort in your living areas, go to Lupo Home.

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